Fares and Passes

All cash fares and 31-Day passes are available on Clipper, the easiest way to pay for and use transit in the Bay Area.

CityBus Fares

Fare CategoryCash Fare124-hour Day Pass31-day Month Pass
Adult (Ages 19 – 64)$1.50$4.00$50.00
Senior (Ages 65 and older)2$0.75$2.00$25.00
Persons with a Disability3$0.75$2.00$25.00
Medicare Card Holder4$0.75$2.00$25.00
Paratransit User5FREEFREEFREE
Child (Ages 4 years and younger)FREEFREEFREE
Youth (Ages 5 – 18)6FREEFREEFREE
Santa Rosa Junior College Student7FREEFREEFREE
Employees of the City of Santa Rosa9 FREEFREEFREE
Employees of the County of Sonoma10FREEFREEFREE
  1. Drivers do not give change. Please have the exact fare. ↩︎
  2. Proof of age required. ↩︎
  3. With a qualifying Disabled identification such as a: Regional Transit Connection Discount ID Card, or a Department of Motor Vehicles Placard ID.  ↩︎
  4. Must present proof of Medicare enrollment. ↩︎
  5. Must present a valid paratransit user ID. ↩︎
  6. Effective until June 2025. Middle and High School age students must present valid school ID. ↩︎
  7. Must present valid ID for current semester. ↩︎
  8. Must present a Veterans Administration identification card or a Sonoma County Veterans identification card. ↩︎
  9. Must present valid work ID. ↩︎
  10. Must present valid work ID ↩︎


When Transferring from CityBus

  • Issued when a fare is paid (cash or ticket)
  • Automatically added when a Clipper Card is tapped.
  • Valid on any CityBus route for 2 hours
  • Valid for a discount on Golden Gate Transit
  • Valid on Sonoma County Transit for a discount equivalent to a one-zone ride
  • Valid on SMART. Only available for Clipper Card users. The discount is equal to the amount of your CityBus fare.
  • Transfers cannot be given to other passengers.

When Transferring to CityBus

  • Automatically added when a Clipper Card is tapped.
  • Transfers issued by Golden Gate Transit and Sonoma County Transit are valid for one CityBus trip.
  • Transfers issued by SMART are only available for Clipper Card users and are valid for a fare discount on CityBus equal to one bus trip.
  • Transfers cannot be given to other passengers.

Passes and Tickets

CityBus offers passes and tickets for all of its fare categories. Passes are good for 31 days from their first use on an unlimited number of rides during that period. Tickets are a great option for less frequent riders looking for a bulk discount and they never expire.

Fare Category31-Day Pass10-Ticket Book40-Ticket Book
Disabled $25.00$7.00$28.00
Tickets result in a $0.05 discount per trip.

Paratransit Fares

For those eligible for paratransit the cost of a one-way trip is $3.00. Fares can be paid at the time of boarding in cash or riders may also purchase tickets ahead of time. Tickets can be purchased as a physical ticket that a rider presents to the driver at the time of boarding or as an e-ticket which is automatically deducted from the rider’s account once a trip is complete.